Lincoln Lofts, RI

Blue Skies Construction & Design
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Apartment Building
Products Used
A237R Metal Furring Channel Resilient Clip
90 Industrial Circle Lincoln, RI 02865

Lincoln Lofts, RI

Historic past of Rhode Island reinvented for the future.

At Resilmount®, we understand that privacy goes a long way. Everyone can appreciate the importance of having some peace and quiet at home. In apartment living spaces this can often be disturbed by a number of noises. This is why Resilmount products were elected to be fitted in the newly constructed Lincoln Lofts in Rhode Island.

This historic building in the Rhode Island community, located at 90 Industrial Circle, used to be home to Sayles Company Mill Store House and Packing building. The contemporary needs of the growing community has given way to an impressive $13.5 million reinvention of the site. Developer Dakota Partners Inc. enlisted Resilmount for its sound isolation solutions by Studco Building Systems®. Also working on the project were Blue Skies Construction & Design for construction and Ed Wojcik Architect Ltd. for architectural services.

The A237R Clip is designed to easily slip onto the adjoining furring channel whilst its rubber mount decouples this channel from the stud.
The structural timber framing being put in place - which would later have sound isolation clips attached along their substrates (Source: Blue Skies)

With the help of Resilmount, the building is now the host of 45 soundproof units inclusive of both one- and two- bedroom apartments. This was possible without disturbing the historic hallmarks of the site such as the arched detailed windows and red brick masonry. The window arches were made as an exact replica of the originals whilst the brick was coated with the same finish.

The Lincoln Lofts extend over two floors and, as such, each apartment is adjoining several others – from either side as well as above or below. It is with this setup that acoustic engineering is so important in maintaining high privacy standards. The Resilmount® A237R Metal Furring Channel Resilient Clip was installed throughout the building to reduce the airborne and structure-borne vibration between the walls and ceilings of each unit.

  • The thermoplastic rubber composition of the A237R mounts absorbs airborne vibration and structure-borne vibration.

  • A total of 45 Resilmount soundproof units were installed throughout the Lincoln Lofts.

  • The Studco team made themselves available for contact and assistance all throughout the project’s construction.

Unlike typical acoustic isolation equipment, the A237R is built upon a strong column design, which minimises the contact surface area the mount has with the structural framing, allowing greater resilience against airborne sound. The A237R was the suitable solution for the Lincoln Lofts as it can be used on a variety of surfaces including wood, steel, CMU, or concrete. As the building was constructed with timber hardwood floors, it was the versatility of the A237R that meant it could be applied to both the walls and ceilings. Moreover, the mount is capable of being used with a variety of fasteners and furring channels. This came in handy with the Lincoln Lofts as the preservation of certain historic elements meant an inconsistency of structure from one unit to the next. This flexibility in acoustic options aided Ed Wojcik Architect Ltd. in what was possible with regard to the architectural design of the project.

The A237R is also designed for faster installation as it is engineered with a pre-attached firewasher. This allowed for easy and efficient installation by Blue Skies Construction & Design to get the job done in a timely manner. The restoration and conversion of 90 Industrial Circle successfully opened in October 2020 fitted with engineered acoustic solutions from Resilmount.

An upstairs view of the apartments under construction - these single-stud timber frames provide a thin layer between rooms and, as such, require additional noise reduction.

Studco’s mission is to be global leaders in providing innovative building solutions throughout the world. Our Resilmount team excel at finding ways to assist in sound proofing and reducing airborne noise. Contact Resilmount today at 1 300 255 255 for your next sound proofing project.

Resilient Mounts Used on this Project:

A237R Direct Fixing Furring Channel Resilient Mount

A237R Metal Furring Channel Resilient Clip

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