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Differences Between the Resilmount™ Resilient Sound Isolation Clips

Within the range of Resilmount sound isolation clips there are multiple clips to choose from. So which sound isolation clip is right for your project?

A237 – Direct Fix Furring Channel Mount

The A237 is the basic direct mounting clip for furring channels, used to lessen airborne vibration and structure borne vibration in walls and ceilings. It does this by decoupling the gypsum board from the framing essentially increasing the STC and IIC ratings.

 A237-direct-mounting-bracket for-furring channels-banner Cover US

A237R – Direct Fixing Furring Channel Resilient Mount

The A237R sound isolation clip uses an engineered thermoplastic rubber along with the patented acoustic resilient clip for furring channels. This reduces airborne and structure-borne vibration in wood, steel, and concrete in wall and ceiling applications. With the addition of an A300 washer, it meets fire rating installation requirements as well.

 A237R-Furring-Channel-Resilient-Sound-Isolation-Mount- Direct Fixing-Cover-US

A237CR – Metal Furring Channel to Cold Rolled Channel Sound Isolation Clip

A237CR sound isolation clips are used for ceiling installations where a furring channel and cold rolled channel are used. It is a combination of the A237R clip and a metal bracket that attaches to cold rolled channel (CRC). The A237CR clip attaches to both the CRC, and the 7/8” or 1 1/2” furring channel. The top CRC clip on the A237CR fits directly over the CRC and locks into place when fitted into the clip. The bottom of the clip accepts the standard furring channel which enables the gypsum board to be decoupled from the framing above. Request our Tech Manual to see the STC ratings of this clip.

 A237CR Cover 0918

A237BR – Sound Isolation Clip for Bar Joist Applications Isolating the Floor & Ceiling Assembly

The Resilmount A237BR sound isolation clip is used for ceiling isolation in bar joist applications where an acoustical or drywall ceiling is needed. The A237BR clip isolates the ceiling and the bar joists above acoustically. The A237BR sound isolation clip comes in 3 different sizes to suit your bar joist sizes, 1”, 2” and 3”.

 A237BR-bar-joist-to-furring-channel-resilient-sound-isolation-clip-Cover US

A48R – Resilient Right-Angled Mounting Bracket

Resilmount A48R™ is an engineered, acoustic resilient mounting bracket for reducing airborne vibration and structure-borne vibration in internal wall and ceiling applications. Use these to brace an acoustic wall to the structure without compromising sound and vibration transmission requirements. The A48R is engineered with several 3/16” slotted holes in the bracket fastening surface, for an easier fixing. It also includes a strong “column” design that provides minimal contact area with substrate whilst maintaining maximum structural integrity.

 A48R Cover US

A50R – Resilient Isolation Hanger 

The A50R is specifically designed for the support and acoustical isolation of suspended ceiling systems. There are 3 weight ratings for the A50R–65 lbs., 120 lbs., and 200 lbs., with a max deflection of 3/16” for each resilient isolation hanger when put to its specific weight. Request our Tech Manual to see the STC ratings of this clip.

 A50R Cover US

A96R – Adjustable Acoustic Resilient Right-Angle Mounting Bracket

The Resilmount™ A96R is an engineered, adjustable acoustic resilient mounting bracket for reducing airborne vibration and structure-borne vibration in ceiling applications. The A96R sound isolation clip can be used to allow for mechanicals like electrical and HVAC between the ceiling and ceiling joists. It can also be used to level out a ceiling assembly with uneven ceiling joists.

 A96R-adjustable-furring-channel-to-purlin-resilient-sound-isolation-clip Cover USA

A130R – Resilient Heavy-Duty Mounting Bracket

The A130R is used as a heavy-duty mount and acoustical isolation bracket used in conjunction with the A237R and furring channel assembly. This creates a system that not only can support heavy items, but also soundproofs the assembly from structure and airborne sound.

 A130R-resilient-heavy-duty-mounting-bracket Banner Cover US

MBF – Adjustable Direct Fixing Clip

The MBF Betafix adjustable furring channel clip is used to provide adjustment for wall and ceiling assemblies. This clip eliminates the need of shims and extra fasteners and provides for a faster more accurate installation. Once the MBF Betafix clip is securely fastened onto the wall or ceiling, the furring channel can be snapped into the MBF Betafix clip without the need of any extra fasteners. The MBF clip is easily adjustable with the 4 adjustable 3/16” increments.

 MBF-betafix-adjustable-direct-fixing-clipCover US

MBFR – Adjustable Direct Fix Furring Channel Resilient Mount

The Resilmount MBFR is an engineered, patented, adjustable, acoustic resilient sound isolation clip for furring channels, to reduce airborne vibration and structure-borne vibration in internal wall applications. MBFR clips have adjustment of 4 positions at 3/16” increments to adjust to the furring channel and thus eliminating shims. With the MBFR you not only get a clip to adjust and true up a wall assembly, but a sound isolation clip that will decouple and increase STC assembly ratings. For more information about other Resilmount™ sound isolation clips, check out our Resilmount Products page.

 MBFR-Resilient-Adjustable-Direct-Fix-Clip-Banner. Cover US