The Only Sound Tested Isolation Hanger of its Kind

The Only Sound Tested Isolation Hanger of its Kind

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Resilmount® A50R’s are specifically designed for the support and acoustical isolation of internal suspended ceiling systems. The noise absorption properties of the A50Rs allow them to deflect 3/16″ when loaded to the specific hangers weight.

The Resilmount A50R Sound Isolation Hanger:

  • Works with all hanger wire.
  • Easily installed into new or existing ceiling systems.
  • A50R-1 is the only sound tested isolation hanger of its kind.
  • Acoustically tested for STC and llC.
  • Does not reduce the load capacity of the ceiling.
  • suitably isolates the ceiling system from the structure to reduce structure and airborne noise.
  • Elastomer Type: Natural Rubber.
  • Load capacity: 65lbs (Red), 120lbs (Black), 200lbs (Blue)
A50R Resilmount Tech Assembly
A50R sound isolation hanger Accreditation
6” Concrete Slab with 1 layer of Type X Gypsum Wallboard

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A50R Resilient Isolation Hanger
Resilmount A50R Isolation Hanger

Case Studies

Watermark Pointe Beachfront Collection, NY
Regional Construction
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A50R Resilient Sound Isolation Hanger


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