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Resilmount Sound Isolation Clip Hanger: A50R

Resilmount Sound Isolation Clip Hanger: A50R

BRAND NAME Resilmount™ A50R
DESCRIPTION Resilient Isolation Hanger
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Resilmount™ A50R is specifically designed for the support and acoustical isolation of internal suspended ceiling systems.

Rubber mounts differ from spring mounts is that the natural frequency is a function not only of the deflection but also of the rubber hardness. The noise absorption properties of the Resilmount™ A50R allow it to deflect 3/16” when loaded to 110 lbs., in accordance with American Standards, which provided optimal isolation of transferred noise.

 Resilmount™ A50R Resilient Isolation Hanger    Resilmount™ A50R Resilient Isolation Hanger for Suspended Ceilings
Resilmount A50R can be loaded to 110 lbs(50 kg) with a static deflection of 3/16”. Top and bottom hangers suit 5 mm wire rod for suspended ceiling applications.
  Resilmount A50R is installed between the hanger and the ceiling system, providing acoustical isolation of suspended ceilings.