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Resilmount Sound Isolation Clip Bracket: A106R

Resilmount Sound Isolation Clip Bracket: A106R

BRAND NAME   Resilmount™ A106R
DESCRIPTION   Resilmount Mounting Bracket
Resilmount™ A106R Datasheet 


The A106R is a combination of the A237R and the M-100 4” 14 Ga bracket. The A237R is attached to the 4” leg of the bracket.

Resilmount A106R is an engineered mounting bracket used to reduce airborne and structure-borne vibration. The A106R is perfect for applications where maximum ceiling height is needed.

The A106R fastens directly to the side of wood or steel joists creating an air space below the joists as little as 1/4”.

Resilmount™ A106R Mounting BracketResilmount™ A106R Mounting Bracket for Ceiling Applications