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Resilmount For Slimceil Ceilings - AU

Resilmount For Slimceil Ceilings - AU

Got tiny ceiling cavities but still need to meet NCC 2011 static deflection requirements?

In September 2011, Studco introduces the revolutionary new Resilmount M319R resilient mount for Slimceil low-clearance ceiling systems. A recent trend in high-rise apartments has seen ceiling cavities being reduced to an absolute minimum in order to gain maximum saleable space - after all, who wants to pay for space you can’t see nor use! To meet the demands of such low-clearance ceiling cavities, Studco introduced the patented Slimceil ceiling system in 2009. Now in a worldwide first, Studco has released a resilient- mounted version of the Slimceil clips that not only maintains extremely
small ceiling cavities but also meets the criteria of NCC 2011 (or BCA 2011) that calls for a static deflection of at least 3mm and a maximum dynamic factor of 1.1. Extensive research, testing and re-modelling of Resilmount’s patented ‘sound cell’ system has culminated in this breakthrough that is sure to change the way architects and engineers design ceilings.
The new Resilmount M319R resilient mount for Slimceil is available in different hardness classes to suit a variety of ceiling loads and constructions, and it also comes in a various bracket sizes for ceiling cavities ranging from 60mm up to 200mm. The Resilmount M319R resilient mount can be fixed to concrete, timber or steel structures with a single fixing and it is designed to take the Slimceil M355 ceiling channel. In a recent test installation in a highrise apartment project, commercial ceiling contractors were full of praise for
the new system: “It’s very fast and easy to install. We have saved a lot of time on this project just by using the Resilmount Slimceil brackets. I won’t be using anything else from here on.”
So if you need a solution for an acoustic ceiling that has low-clearance cavity but requires full compliance to the new NCC 2011 specifications, use the new Resilmount M319R resilient mount for Slimceil. It’s fast, it’s compliant and it sounds great!

Resilmount M319R resilient mount for Slimceil low-clearance ceiling systems