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U305 Assembly single layer of drywall with Resilmount A237R at 48” centres

U305 Assembly single layer of drywall with Resilmount A237R at 48” centres

As a manufacturer of the Resilmount™ sound solution range, Studco Building Systems is proud to present an updated list of common UL ceiling assemblies with clips spaced at a 48”OC.  With our Resilmount™ sound isolation clip range complying with over 100 UL assemblies we strive to lead the industry in Innovative, quality building materials. 

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Wider spacing Resilmount Sound Isolation allow for less clips in one assembly. Providing some very rewarding and outstanding results.  Including less contact and paths  and surface area for noise vibrations to transfer; increasing STC ratings. Most importantly less clips means less money spent on a project with a tight budget.

As a global leader in innovative metal building systems; Studco Building Systems take pride in developing partnerships with contractors to assist them through the tendering and design process.  The Studco service guarantee and dedication to innovation is what separates us from our competitors and allows us to act quickly in a dynamic market whilst providing an exceptional level of service to our customers. 

By combining Studco Steel Building Systems and our range of Resilmount sound isolation clips you can be guaranteed a compliant UL assembly that’s easy to order all in one place 

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